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Pirie E. Personal Experience of Learning Improvement Science and Application of this to a Fracture Clinic Example . Journal of Improvement Science 2015: 23; 1-14.

The author explains the experience that she has had following the FISH (Foundations of Improvement Science in Healthcare) and ISP-1 (Improvement Science Practitioner) training programme.

She explains her motivation for following this programme, her key learning points and uses the example of resolving the issues of a fracture clinic to test the value of this approach.

She reports her great satisfaction in finding that she can virtually eliminate waiting times and increase the number of patients seen by 18% without using any additional resources. (Although she acknowledges there is more to learn at the next level of ISP to address additional variations within the clinic operation.)

Her conclusion is that the ISP-1 programme provides an enjoyable method of acquiring valuable skills and that it provides a robust diagnostic approach to understand how flow issues arise in the first place as a precursor before moving on to identify solutions. The over arching learning has been that there is a rational methodology with techniques and tools that can be used to better diagnose and solve flow problems in the NHS and which can be applied to a wide variety of situations.

FISH; Fracture Clinic; ISP; Improvement Science; Learning Experience; Patient Waiting

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