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Debenham P. Improving Clinical Team Briefing using 6M Design®. Journal of Improvement Science 2015: 25; 1-18.

Clinical handover and maintenance of situation awareness are deemed safety critical functions for clinical teams. Communication processes to support these functions have expanded to provide safety through “Depth of defence”. The workforce time invested in the current safety mechanism limits the provision of timely delivery of clinical care.

The author provides a narrative of the design project he undertook using 6M Design® as part of ISP-1 (Improvement Science Practitioner) training with the purpose of providing a prepared duty team able to deliver timely care.

The re-designed general paediatric team brief process delivered significantly improved team preparedness scores, reduced workforce time-resource investment into preparation and delivered earlier starts to morning ward rounds.

The author provides insight into the benefits and practical challenges in application of ISP training and reflection of his personal learning attained in undertaking the project.

Briefing; Handover; Healthcare; ISP; Preparedness; Team

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