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Fullerton K. Theory of Constraints and 6M Design® Applied to a Virtual Scenario. Journal of Improvement Science 2017: 41; 1-26.

Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) and SAASoft’s 6M Design® approaches were applied to the worked example of a fracture clinic in the ISP-1 training programme. The two approaches were found to work synergistically in understanding the flow through the clinic and addressing the problem of long waiting times for patients. A solution was derived by applying the TOC Five Focusing Steps, which was enabled by using 6M Design® charting techniques. The solution dramatically reduced the waiting times and provided a template for ongoing monitoring of clinic performance.

Application of 6M Design® and TOC together is an effective approach to system issues in a healthcare setting.

6M Design; Healthcare; ISP-1; Improvement; Theory of Constraints (ToC); Virtual Scenario

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